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3- iPulse M20 SMT Placement Machine

In keeping with the iPulse philosophy of designing flexible, high specification SMT placement machines, the new M20 series addresses both current and future manufacturing requirements.

Many standard features usually associated with machines of much higher cost are included, such as controlling the downward pressure of placement, board warp detection and continuous monitoring of machine accuracy.

The range of feeder bank and optional tray handling configurations allows very fast product change-over.

For Smaller option See:-  i-Pulse M10i-pulse-yam-2

i-Pulse M20 SMT placement System

The i-Pulse M20 is available with several different head configurations to suit capacity and technology demands. The ability to configure the M20 with head variants to handle standard SMT, odd form, dispense and flux transfer heads makes it a uniquely flexible component mounter.

Feeder banks can be specified with directly interchangeable removal Tray handlers providing the user with complete flexibility to configure the line to suit the day to day production requirements.

All i-Pulse mounters are able to link to the Iemme Intelligent component storage cabinets providing users with a fully networked production and component kitting function, further enhancing the speed of job change and with the added benefit of ‘closed loop stock control’ on the shop floor.


  • High feeder capacity – 144 x 8mm
  •  Wide component range 01005 up to 120 x 90mm
  • No optional camera required
  •  Large board capability
  •  Multiple head options, standard, high precision and high performance
  •  Controlled programmable placement pressure
  •  Active machine precision compensation
  • Ability for hybrid machine configuration.

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