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NT-146 Vacuum Sealing System

Vacuum sealing machine made from high quality stainless steel and high performance reliable vacuum pumps.

The Nt-146 is the larger of our current vacuum sealing system and features a programmable digital display.

See also:-  Max;   Max-XL

For Dry/Baking Ovens:- UF55

Humidity Control see:- XTC-S2

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NT-146 Vacuum Sealing Machine

The NT146 has 6 fully adjustable programs capturing vacuum pressure and sealing times to allow for differing products and sealing materials.

Moisture control

Re-sealing your components immediately after use reduces the possibility of moisture ingress and ultimately improves the likelihood of problem free processing through reflow, flowsolder or rework.

  • Internal Chamber Dimensions: 625 X 470 X 170 mm
  • Seal Length: 1 X 460 mm
  • External Dimensions: 700 X 700 X 450mm
  • Connection: Single Or 3 Phase. 230/400V. 50Hz`
  • Vacuum Pump: 21 degrees
  • Weight: 79Kg
  • Other Sizes Are Available On Request

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