LM-901 Modular manual placement system


LM901 Manual Palcement System

The LM 901 is the entry model of our modular-built systems. Besides the LM 900 functionality, it can be extended with axis brakes, dispensers and optical support systems for component placing.

With this systems, the pick & place process can be implemented. Depending on the extent of the LM-system, the user can assemble Chip devices , SO and FP components.

The LM 901 supports the whole dispensing-/ Pick&Place – process, from supplying the solder paste or glue to placing standard, Fine-Pitch or BGA components.

To ensure high flexibility, the LM 901 can be upgraded to a semi-automatic manipulator and therefore fills the gap to our SM series systems.

The software of the LM systems releases the user from reading project or placing lists. It also shows the pickup and place position and more information on the current component. By this, a highly secure pick&place process is reached. To remain flexible in daily work, existing CAD data can be imported into the software.

Maximum standard board handling – 260mm x 410mm

Details (Click headings to see images)

Universal circuit board holder

The universal circuit board holder retains single- and double-sided boards safely using adjustable, elastic holding fingers (see picture above). Large circuit boards can be handled on demand.

If you need a custom circuit board holder, our developement department is pleased to realize this special task for you.


With a camera attached to the assembly head, you can view the whole Pick&Place process – magnified on a monitor.
Thus even the smallest parts like 0201 and 0402 can be placed exactly. Another benefit of the camera is the possible docu- mentation of the process by saving single picture frames to the harddisk of an attached PC.


The unequalled guiding system of the assembly head results in comfortable and fatigue-free daily work. All of the control elements are arranged logically and ergonomically, which assists the user in the best possible way.

A relocatable hand-rest is already included in the standard version of the machines.

Assembly head

The assembly head is equipped with a patented constant-force trapezoidal spring. The spring tension is distributed equally over the total range of the Z-axis.

The whole assembly head is maintenance-free.


To assemble prototypes and small series more quickly, a dispenser can be mounted to the assembly head. It can be used to dispense solder paste or glue on the circuit board.

X/Y – Magnetic brakes

Our patented X / Y axis brakes lock single moving-directions on demand.
By this, the assembly of Fine-Pitch components or the dispensing of lines and dots in one direction is made easy.

Z-axis brake

The Z-axis magnetic brake makes it possible to lock components very close to the circuit board surface. Thus Fine-Pitch components and custom parts can be easily handled, as an exact alignment between the component and the board surface is possible.

A camera or a microscope is additionally available to further enhance this alignment process.

Component flipping

:is always a problem with manual systems – see Flip tray with the overview video below