IBL Vacuum Vapour Phase


Vacuum soldering technology provides maximum solder quality for void-free soldering.

The soldering system operates in a complete inert atmosphere throughout the entire reflow and vacuum process. Many patented features are available and provide maximum flexibility.

Vapour Phase reflow is making a big come back ensuring perfect reflow in perfect environmental conditions. Offering very small footprint machines and dramatically lower process cost.

The vacuum system is in the vapour chamber (patented) offering the lowest process temperature possible, fault free reflow and highest quality solder joints of any other process.

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Vacuum Vapour Phase Machines

The Machine
The VAC-645 / 665 reflow vapour phase soldering systems (available as batch or inline) are perfect for maximum solder quality and void-free soldering. The combination of the vapour phase soldering with a vacuum process significantly increases the reliability of the finished product.

IBL-VAC-645/665  Features:-

  • Lead-free and leaded soldering on one machine with one fluid
  • Live temperature monitoring with IBL Software (VP- Control)
  • Traceability and documentation with IBL Software (VP-Control) optionally with bar-code function
  • Maintenance-free transport system (patented)
  • Integrated automatic fluid filter system
  • Observation window into process chamber
  • Powerful unit for highest demands
  • Different machine types with carrier size from 635 x 440 x 70 mm up to 635 x 640 x 70 mm
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with 2-chamber design and integrated heat exchanger
  • Highest precision and process quality with patented Soft Vapuor Temperature Control (SVTC)
  • Easy one step profile set-up with Intelligent profiling system (IPS)
  • Wide variety of adjustable solder profiles
  • Optional patented Rapid Cooling System (RCS) for heat reduction of sensitive parts
  • Optional in-line handling (upgrade possible)
  • Different sizes are available on request