IBL SLC509 Vapour Phase Reflow

Vapour Phase reflow is making a big come back ensuring perfect reflow in perfect environmental conditions. Offering very small footprint machines and lowest process cost.

The Premium-Series has been designed for any type of soldering demand. Additionally features compared to the Economy-Series increase the flexibility and scope of the machines. The Premium-Series is available in a wide range of machine sizes.

PDF:- SLC-BLC Data sheet

For a smaller option see also:- IBL SLC309

For Vacuum options see:- IBL-VAC-645


SLC-509 Vapour Phase reflow

Vacuum soldering technology provides maximum solder quality for void-free soldering.


The loading and unloading of the Inline-machines is conducted outside the process chambers, ensuring trouble-free production.

In-line module (patented)

The batch machines can be upgraded to fully automated in-line production, enabling the machine in a production line next to pick & place equipment. Multiline loading of the carrier is possible. More flexibility can be achieved by using a batch carrier additionally during the in-line operation.

Soft Vapour Phase (SVP) (patented)

The SVP process mode enables variable temperature profile adjustments for a wide range of soldering demands. An adjusted temperature profile with (e.g. 1K/sec.) can prevent the so-called tombstone effect of passive components.

Temperature profile

The patented Soft Vapour Phase (SVP) allows adjustment of temperature profiles to nearly any required temperature gradient. For less demanding requirements the user can select the HL-mode. Safe soldering for leadfree solder can be achieved with up to max. 230°C.

For more exacting specification the SVP-mode enables the user to create e.g. “Plateau”-profiles or to generate low temperature gradients. With IRheaters(optional) process optimisation or glue curing can be achieved. It is possible to monitor the process data with the IBLsoftware VP-Control.



SLC/BLC Premium Units Features

  • Powerful unit for highest demands
  • Different machine types with carrier size from 300 x 340 x 80 mm up to 840 x 540 x 80 mm
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with 2-chamber design and integrated heat exchanger
  • Highest precision and process quality with patented Soft Vapor Temperature Control (SVTC)
  • Easy one step profile set-up with Intelligent profiling system (IPS)
  • Wide variety of adjustable solder profiles
  • Lead-free and leaded soldering on one machine with one fluid
  • Live temperature monitoring with IBL Software (VP- Control) without profiler
  • Traceability and documentation with IBL Software (VP-Control) optionally with barcode function
  • Low maintenance due to Cool Handling (all moving parts outside process chamber)
  • Maintenance-free transport system (patented)
  • Integrated automatic fluid filter system
  • Observation window into process chamber
  • Optional patented Rapid Cooling System (RCS) for heat reduction of sensitive parts
  • Optional in-line handling (upgrade possible)
  • Different sizes are available on request

SL/BL Video