HIT-520 series Stencil Printer PCB

 High Quality affordable Printing

The HIT520 series of fully automatic stencil printers has been designed to cover the wide range of board applications now becoming commonplace in the industry.

This stencil printing machine comes with standard features such as 2D inspection with SPI communication and under stencil cleaning, the HIT520 series provide exceptional capability as standard with the XL,H & HL range offering a print solution to ultra large boards.

For semi-automatic stencil printing see the TWS SR2700

For manual printing SR2000;  SD240;  SD360U


HIT Series of fully Automatic Printers

Screen Printer
HIT520 Screen Printer

Long board screen printer
HIT-520-HL Ultra large Board Printer









Printers for all applications

Long Board PrintingThe HIT520 stencil printing range provides PCB handling capability up to 1,550 mm Ultra long PCB’s suitable for LED Lighting applications and can be processed without modification to the printer. Accuracy and repeatability are achieved by the utilisation of high rigidity castings throughout the construction achieving 6 – Sigma accuracy.

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