Ersa Powerflow Wave Soldering Machine

Ersa Powerflow Wave Soldering Machine

The POWERFLOW is the backbone of the ERSA line for complex, lead free wave soldering applications and is available as a normal atmosphere machine or with ERSA’s innovative nitrogen hood.

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The POWERFLOW machines can handle up to a 16″ board width with plug and play pre-heat design (Medium IR, Convection, short IR and now with new topside Convection) and 1.8 meters of preheat standard. Additional pre-heating of up to 2.4 meters can be added if needed. A new nozzle configuration brings the chip wave closer to the laminar wave for reduced solder defects.

This machine has a pin & chain transport throughout the fluxer and pre-heater and feeds into a finger conveyor in the wave section of the machine.

A bar code scanner on the new fluxer allows to selectively flux and program in “keep out areas” for board cut outs, where the fluxer will not spray a specific area of the board. The machine has a low profile design of 1.57 m and is ideal for demanding customers who require a 400 mm or 16″ wave soldering system.

Intelligent Fluxer

Spray fluxing systems for wave soldering represent the state of the art in today’s production machines. When taking a closer look, however, the ERSA R & D team discovered significant areas for improvement which were realized in the POWERFLOW series machines. The construction of this new fluxer was designed for easy & rapid servicing. While older fluxer modules were typically placed before the machine, the fully programmable POWERFLOW flux system is integrated into the machine. An innovative & highly efficient fume extraction system is completely separated from the process tunnel and guarantees that flux spray fog cannot escape the fluxing area.

Powerflow-Fluxer Module
Powerflow-Fluxer Module

The standard spray fluxing system allows for the safe & reproducible processing of VOC free fluxes. Optionally, it is possible to equip the fluxing system with a second spray head with its own independent flux supply. The choice of flux and the precise amount can be individually programmed for each assembly and can be automatically monitored. Programming of the flux area takes place via an innovative yet comfortable graphical user interface. An optional PCB shape recognition option with bar code scanner allows operators to selectively flux the PCB. Only those areas required receive flux, thereby greatly reducing costs!

Flexible & Efficient Pre-heating

Quality lead free wave soldering puts significantly higher demands on the pre-heating process. It was precisely for this reason that the POWERFLOW series machines were designed to afford the most flexible & efficient pre-heating capabilities compared to all previous models. Medium wave IR, dynamic short wave IR, bottom side convection, and now with new topside convection, the POWERFLOW offers 1.8 meters of pre-heat length as standard. Additional pre-heating of up to 2.4 meters can be added if needed.


The exact configuration of the pre-heating modules can be chosen individually by the customer.

The highly reactive & extremely efficient dynamic (short wave IR) module can be programmed to deliver energy between 0 % up to 100 %. In this manner, it is no longer necessary to alter the transport speeds when running mixed production through the machine.

All convection modules are equipped with ERSA’s proven multjet reflow technology and can be installed in the tunnel in both the top & bottom positions.

Save, efficient and uniform pre-heating of the highest mass assemblies can be achieved with similar process control as afforded by an ERSA reflow oven.


Innovative Solder Module Designed for the challenges of Lead-Free

The POWERFLOW N2 solder module is a specially treated solder pot aggregate designed for use with all types of today’s common alloys.

The innovative solder module has been completely re-designed for the challenges of lead free wave soldering. Different sizes, shapes and combinations of solder nozzle geometries are available and offer the customer maximum flexibility in finding an optimal solution.

Great attention was paid to constructing the solder module in such a manner as to reduce machine maintenance downtime. Monthly solder pot servicing can be handled in less than 15 minutes and the yearly maintenance in less than 1 hour.


Conveyor system designed for maximum throughput

The POWERFLOW offers different transport conveyor systems options for solder frames, a segmented transport and a finger transport. Both the programmable segmented transport and finger transport have a modular design and offer different transport speeds which can be run in the machine.

The assembly is force feed through the machine and guarantees that a slipping out of its position is not possible. An optional, segmented conveyor transports the assembly at differing speeds through the various modules for fluxing, pre-heating and soldering.

The intelligent machine software dynamically controls each solder frame individually in order to maximize throughput. A pin-and-chain transport is used from the in-feed section up to the solder module. A finger transport runs at 7° (fixed angle) over the solder module.