WMS-Electronic Storage & Retrieval from Iemme

Highly Flexible Configurations

Intelligent storage, retrieval and re-stocking system that save time, reduces stock errors and refines stock control.

Configurable cabinet has the flexibility to adapt and be customised to fit a company’s particular production process.
Internal shelves can be moved in any combination permitted by the total given dimension of the cabinet
It delivers up to 1600* different SMD reels and trays

PDF Brochure  ESR_rev4_ENG

For Humidity Control Cabinets see:- X-treme Series XTC

Electronic Storage & Retrieval

Control Platform


  • Integrated Barcode scanner registration
    Bar Coder Driven if required

    Bar Coder Driven if required

  • Multiple loading and retrieval
  • Storage locations monitored
  • Minimises risk of operating errors
  • Reel/tray/ traceability
  • All relevant component data information can be managed (data-code, part-number, supplier, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Real time stock movements stored
  • Automatic minimum stock monitoring
  • “Absolute”F.I.FO. prioritisation retrieval

    Automated Reel Storage

  •  Job order management
  • Efficient and functional touch-screen software
  • Temperature and relative air humidity recorded
  • Moisture Sensitive Level according to IPC/JEDEC’s J-STD-20
  • Data synchronization with company management software

Humidity Control

The ESR cabinet may be optionally equipped with an adsorption unit to store components sensitive to Humidity (MSDs)

  • Internal de-humidification (RH<5%)

    Humidity Data Profiling

  • Internal and external air humidity and temperature are recorded
  • You can monitoring the time period in which every moisture sensitive device can be exposed to ambient room conditions

Flexible Software Solutions

The WSM control software can be implemented with an automatic data exchange module (xml protocol) to connect:

Integrated Software Modules

Integrated Software Modules

  • SMD production machine
  • Company management software(accounting, inventory control software, etc)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Manufactured Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Software solutions customisation



TS4em Is the SMART SOLUTION to verify the history location or application of an item (electronic component) by means of documented recorded identification

TS4em “Traceability solution for electronics manufacturing” allows to performance specific analyses on materials (reels, tray, stick, etc.) involved in job orders.

The important data such as BARCODE/DATAMATRIX/QRCODE of PCB are automatically recorded and integrated with SET-UP information

ID Module

ID Module

controlled by the software of the automatic storage cabinets and with assembly specifications defined by pick & place machines.
The logical storing allows rapid information retrieval with extensive searches options:

  • ID PCB
  • Reference Designator
  • Production Line
  • Single/Multiple job orders
  • Start-up & Closure Date of process stage
  • Supplier & Delivery Note
  • Manufacturer

TS4em PDF data sheet:- TS4_rev3

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