Elektron 400 Copy

Elecktron-400VC Stencil Cleaner

Enclosed single chamber loop cleaning systems for Misprints, Stencils, Squeegees  and Screens.

Full controlled isolated stages including cleaning cycle, optional pre-rinse, DI water rinse all with air drying stages between each cycle, followed by heated forced air drying.  Ensures cleaning to the very highest standard and guarantees the accuracy and repeatability of your print process.

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Cepter Elektron-400VC

Is a compactly designed cleaning system in a full stainless steel finish with integrated smart solutions to achieve high productivity and low operating costs. It is completely engineered and produced in Slovenia.


Industrial quality pumps and filter systems

Industrial quality pumps and filter systems

  • Single chamber
  • 2 tanks / 3 pumps
  • 100% closed loop circuit
  • Horizontal CSR® (Cepter Spray Rotor)
  • 10,1” touchscreen display
  • Coarse filter inside process chamber
  • Sediment filter inside fluid tanks
  • Fine 10” filter in each circuit
  • Cleaning fluid heater
  • Rinsing fluid heater
  • Final rinsing fluid heater
    Spay-Arm, Guide rails and support rollers

    Spay-Arm, Guide rails and support rollers

  • 2 Air heaters
  • Electric safety door locker
  • Complete machine body in stainless steel


  • Optional equipment
  • 3 tanks / 4 pumps
  • Cartridge for deionized and demineralized water
  • Active Carbon filter
  • Compressed air drying system combined with CSR® (Cepter Spray Rotors) with special nozzles
  • FDS® (Fluid Drain System)
  • Conductivity measurement / pre-rinse circuit
  • Fluid leakage tray in stainless steel
  • Leakage warning system
  • Status light
  • Mechanical carrier frame

Technical data

Chamber dimensionsW 400 mm x D 1.000 mm x H 1.000 mm
CapacityScreens, stencils, frames up to size D 980 mm x H 910 mm
Volume cleaning tank65 l
Volume rinsing tank65 l
Exhaust connectionØ 100 mm
Power supply400 V AC, 25A / 3 Ph / 50 Hz
Power consumptionca. 3,3 kW
Temperature range cleaningadjustable up to 65°C
Temperature range rinsingadjustable up to 65°C
Temperature range dryingadjustable up to 95°C
Filter system3-stage: 1. coarse filter < 2 mm; 2. sediment filter inside fluid tanks; 3. fine filter 10” (1 – 100 µm)
Conductivity range0 – 300 µS/cm
Noise level< 70 dB
DimensionsW 980 mm x D 1.580 mm x H 1.900
Weight480 kg