Ebso Spa400

Ebso 300NC-400NC Selective Soldering Machines

Ebso 300/400NC Selective Solder

Especially for applications which are not suitable for a wave soldering process or to eliminate the need for hand soldering.

SPA-300NC Solder Area 300 x 300 mm

SPA-400NC Solder Area 400 x 400 mm


  • 3 axis CNC positioning system with Servo drives
  • FTP interface to Network
  • Digital Closed Loop control for N2 flow incl. Standby function to reduce Cost of Ownership
  • Wave Height control
  • Automatic Solder wire Feeder and solder level sensor
  • Flux Tank and flux Level monitoring
  • Glass hood and Storage compartments
  • Software updates via USB or CF card
  • ESD-Paint RAL 7035 (light gray) and RAL 7016 (anthracite)
  • Transport Angle 7° or 0°
  • Control of all Process parameters including:
    • Monitoring functions
    • Maintenance and error messages
    • Password protection
    • Monitoring functions
    • Maintenance and error messages
    • Exhaust function monitor
    • Control lamp freely configurable
    • Operating state and Maintenance indicator (optional with wireless Network to PC)
    • Windows CE colour Display
    • Internal Data management for program storing
    • Timer function



Ebso 300NC with in-feed position

Solder-Pot Options

  • All Solder-pots made of Titanium
  • Due to quick release solder pump, Pot change from lead to lead-free is quick and easy.
  • Single solder pot with just 20 kg Solder capacity.
  • Soldering over 2 Solder pots is an option.
  • Dual Solder nozzle for simultaneous soldering is also an option



Solder Nozzle Options

  • Max. clearance at solder side – 40 mm

    Dual Pot Option

  • Wetable Nozzles; 3 – 12 mm Inner Diameter
  • Jet Nozzles; 5 – 60 mm
  • Wave Nozzle; 300 mm
  • Special nozzles for Dipping process are available

 Fluxer Options

  • Max. 4 Fluxers in any combination

    Showing fluxer and pre-heat

  • Single Spray / Single Micro-drop
  • Dual Spray / Dual Micro-drop
  • Combination of Single or Dual Spray and Microdrop

Adjustable Preheaters

  • Convection line Pre-heater
  • IR Line or Area Pre-heater
  • Top Side IR Pre-heater

Programming:-   Offline Editor including Photo Editing and Import Functions

Further Options

  • Fluxer Spray test function
  • Witness colour Camera including TFT Monitor)
  • AOI for solder control
  • Barcode or Datamatrix Code with BDA (Traceability)
  • Solder Frame identification over RFID-Chip; Including soldering protocol; Including process data recorder

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