PVA 650 Large1

PVA-650 Conformal Coating Machine

The PVA650 is ideal for selective conformal coating and dispensing applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability in moderate to high volume manufacturing environments. The PVA650 conformal coating machine is a closed-loop robotic platform featuring optical encoder feedback on all axes.

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PVA650 Selective Coating / Dispensing System

The PVA650 conformal coating machine is a flexible robotic platform that is also ideal for potting, bead, and meter-mix dispensing applications. The PVA650 features a robust overhead three-axis motion platform suitable for inline or batch operations.


The PVA650 has many integrated features including:

  • Robotic system accuracy of 25 microns
  • Patented servo-controlled optional four-axis motion featuring valve tilt and rotate
  • Closed loop process control throughout gantry system
  • Micron level encoder resolution for unparalleled accuracy
  • Multiple dispensing applications or materials in one cell
  • Onboard PC for unlimited program storage
  • Exclusive PathMaster® programming environment
  • PVA’s award winning global service network

Data sheets:-


Dispensing Methods

FCS300-ES: Focused, round pattern spray valve
FCS300: Fan / oval pattern spray valve
FC100-CF: Non-atomized film coater
FC100-MC: Needle valve
FCM100: Micro dispense valve
Material Feed Options: Cartridge feed (6 – 20 oz.)
Pressure vessel
Drums, totes.

XYZ Specifications
Gantry System: Brushless DC servo motors
Precision ball screw slides
XYZ Repeatability: 25 microns (0.001″)

Maximum Speed (XYZ)
700 mm/sec (27.6″/sec)
Maximum Acceleration: 1g

Encoder Resolution
5 microns (0.0002″)

Payload Capacity
11.36 kg (25 lbs.)

Standard Features

Active vision system with fiducial recognition and correction
Automatic XYZ calibration
Non-contact laser height sensor, touch probe optional
PathView™ Programming Software
Onboard PC with flat screen monitor
Light tower

Optional Features
Dual head tooling
Closed-loop material flow monitoring
Inline material metering
Bar code program selection
Conveyor auto width adjust
Low level material sensor
Valve and / or material heating
Programming camera
Active vision with XY correction

Board Handling
Conveyor Type: Flat belt or chain
Minimum Conveyor Width: 50 mm (1.97″)
Board Clearance: 70 mm (2.76″)
Edge Clearance: 4.7 mm (0.185″)
Transport Height: 940 mm – 965 mm         (37″ – 38″)
Communication Protocol: SMEMA
Conveyor Options: Lift and locate, through hole pin, under board support
Conveyor Speed: Up to 24.4m/min (80 ft/min)
Process Flow: Programmable right to left or left to right, bidirectional
Weight Limit: 5 pounds (belt)
15 pounds (chain)