CMS-400 Blundell Wave Solder machine


CMS-400LF Wave Solder Machine

New machines can be completed in a very short period and 2nd user machines are normally available contact us to find out just what we have in stock.

Available in pallet conveyor or finger conveyor style, all parameters on the CMS 400 are under computer control.

All settings are extremely accurate and repeatable. Up to 99 soldering programs can be stored in the machine for instant recall. Setting up time is therefore eliminated once the programs have been set up.

Using the spray fluxer, there is no flux wastage and there are also very significant solder savings.

The Argon gas system and the intermittent operation of the wave combine to keep dross to a minimum.

Savings of 70% in solder consumption have been reported by some users.


Highly Acclaimed Digital Control Panel with Lockout Facility

CMS400LF Control Panel

User friendly, durable control panel allow the user to see at a glance all the operating conditions

The machine switches itself off automatically at the end of the day.

Service intervals for the CMS 400 are every 12 months for medium volume usage.

The solder pumps and nozzles do not need to be removed between services. This is due to the benefits derived from the use of the Argon gas around the pump shafts, preventing dross entering the baffles and pump wells.

Blundell Spray Fluxer

The spray fluxer allows you to regulate the amount of flux applied to the board to obtain a cleaner PCB after soldering.

Using the three stage preheating option, instant adjustments can be made to the preheat intensity, allowing PCB’s of different thickness and mass to be processed one after the other.