System 300 Wave Soldering Machine


Economical, Versatile and Cost effective.

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The wave solder pallet, with fully adjustable titanium fingers, is driven from both sides of the conveyor.

Centre rails available for processing 2 rows of PCB s at one time. The fluxer and solder wave are activated by the presence of a pallet so solder dross and flux lose is kept to a minimum.

The Blundell System 300 is manufactured in the UK and fully supported directly by the manufacturer. The 300 machine has been purpose designed for lead free wave soldering to comply with the ROHS legislation.

Using simple electro-mechanical controls has allowed us to keep the overall cost down to a minimum while maintaining reliability and simple maintenance.

The 800mm long graduated medium wave IR pre-heater is suitable for all flux types, including VOC free.

Is fitted with an automatic spray fluxer.

Requires a three phase power supply and external extraction.