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1-IBL-SV260 Vapour Phase Reflow

Vapour Phase reflow is making a big come back ensuring perfect reflow in perfect environmental conditions. Offering very small footprint machines and lowest process cost.

The IBL SV 260 is an entry level easy to use vapour phase soldering machine.  The temperature profiles are adjusted by a variable heating power control. It is ideal for low to medium volume production and prototype work. PDF:- SV260 Data sheet See also the SCL309 with soft vapour phase

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IBL SV 260 Economy Vapour Phase reflow soldering system

SV260 Economy Features

  • Optimized for laboratory operation, prototyping, rework and small series production
  • Board size up to 300 x 260 x 80 mm
  • Table top unit with easy front loading
  • Low energy and fluid consumption with 2-chamber design and integrated heat exchanger
  • Easy operation, solder automatic, program storage
  • Live temperature monitoring without high temperature profiler
  • Maintenance-free transport system (patented)
  • Observation window into process chamber
  • 230 Volt operation

With the TE Option a profile can be shown on the panel screen


1)Prepare Board

Board has to be prepared with a type ‘K’ thermocouple. This can be mounted via Capton or aluminium tape, SMD glue or high temperature solder

2) Connect thermocouple to board

The carrier must be pushed completely into the cooling chamber and male thermocouple connector, connected to the TE-Option female connector on the transport system. Close the loading door and start cycle via ‘start’ button on menu screen


3) Process observation

The Status-1 screen will show actual board temperature live and in addition can be observed through the viewing window


4) Show and Save

The observed profile can be viewed as a graph and saved for future use

SV-260 Video