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2018 Blundell Technology Week & Mini Exhibition

  You are cordially invited to attend our Technology Week in April. As always there will be working demonstrations of many machines in our product range together with representatives of support industries including conveyors, stencils and consumables. There will be tea, coffee, snacks and a buffet lunch. Click here to See invite:  Tech-week flyer 2018-7 […]

Exception EMS invests in Vacuum Vapour Phase m/c

  During October 2016 Wiltshire based CEM Exception EMS, which is part of the Fabrinet Group took delivery of an IBL VAC-645 Vacuum Vapour phase System. However, as with all technical sales, the evaluation process started some months before this; the project actually started in May of the same year. Engineering Manager Jiri Kucera explains why the decision […]

Creo Medical invest in Inspex

Creo Medical invest in three Inspex-1080’s HD Inspection systems to replace microscopes in aiding them to assemble their range of Speedboat micro medical instruments. The Speedboat and other micro tools are used for minimal invasive surgery, initially targeted at GI therapeutic endoscopy, and now expanding into broader fields including bronchoscopy, laparoscopy and much more. The […]

Blundell have now been appointed as distributor for the Creative Electron TruView X-ray systems

The TruView™ Fusion X-ray is the right solution if you are looking for a radiography system to inspect electronic components or assemblies, printed circuit boards, medical devices and mechanical parts. HD and UHD Imaging Large sample sizes: 20″x 20″ or 20″x 48″ 2D and/or 3D Standalone Manual Semi or Fully automated Up to 150kV Click to […]

VersaFlow at Texcel

Texcel have announce that they have invested in the latest selective soldering machine from Ersa. This combination of the Versaflow 3/45 , the automatic stackers and un-stackers plus the Nitrogen generator will give Texcel greater flexibility when assembling complex mixed technology PCBs. Paul Beal, Texcels’ production manager said “Buying this technology through Blundell gave us […]

ERSA ECOSELECT-1 Selective soldering

With the ECOSELECT 1, Ersa expands its model range by a system which optimally fits, because of its small footprint of less than 3 m², into a manufacturing environment that is based on cell production. The semi-automatic ECOESELECT 1 operates in all process steps with the proven Ersa selective soldering technology, just like the larger […]


We are getting increasing interest in our ‘Extra Eye‘ First Article inspection system, which has recently been upgraded to provide more ‘AOI‘ features, The Extra Eye 3030 is an automated way of inspecting the first-off of a batch of PCB’s to ensure that it matches up with the Bill of Materials and circuit drawing, and […]

NEW – The HIT-520 series Solder Paste Screen Printers

We have recently launched the HIT520 series of fully automatic stencil printers. They have been designed to cover the wider range of board sizes and applications now becoming commonplace in the industry. With standard features such as 2D inspection with SPI communication and under stencil cleaning. The HIT520 series provide exceptional capability as standard with the […]

FRITSCH – Complete and Flexible SMT prototyping & Placement solutions

Fritsch are a German manufacturer of SMT assembly, printing, dispensing and reflowing machines. We at Blundell Production Equipment are their sole UK Distributor and they have recently revamped and expanded their product range. Fritsch were founded in the early 1980’s when surface mount technology was just beginning. They started by offering a range of manually assisted SMT […]